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Brain Teasers!
7 little words brain teasers puzzle
crosswords brain teasers puzzle
Hidato brain teasers puzzle
minute maze brain teasers puzzle
Play 4 brain teasers puzzle
Sudoku brain teasers puzzle

Brain Teasers!

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Love the Brain Teasers featured in The Gazette each quarter?  Now you can buy individual copies for yourself or friends!  There are over 85 games included.

Play Your Favorites:

  • 7 Little Words
  • Crossword
  • Sudoku
  • Hidato
  • Minute Mazes
  • PlayFour!
  • Kid's Pages
  • Word Roundup
  • KenKen
  • Wonderword
  • WordGame
  • Family Crossword


3 packages available!

1)  Become a yearly subscriber and save!  Brain Teasers will be automatically mailed to you each quarter, January, April, July, October for 1 year starting with the current edition

2)  Purchase in bulk and save!  Want 5, 10 or more copies for friends and family?  Choose the bulk buy option (minimum of 5).

3)  Buy 1: Purchase the current edition of Brain Teasers!