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Brain Teasers!
7 little words brain teasers puzzle
crosswords brain teasers puzzle
Hidato brain teasers puzzle
minute maze brain teasers puzzle
Play 4 brain teasers puzzle
Sudoku brain teasers puzzle

Brain Teasers!

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Love the Brain Teasers featured in The Gazette each quarter?  Now you can buy individual copies for yourself or friends!  There are over 85 games included.

Play Your Favorites:

  • 7 Little Words
  • Crossword
  • Sudoku
  • Hidato
  • Minute Mazes
  • PlayFour!
  • Kid's Pages
  • Word Roundup
  • KenKen
  • Wonderword
  • WordGame
  • Family Crossword


2 packages available!

2)  Purchase in bulk and save!  Want 5, 10 or more copies for friends and family?  Choose the bulk buy option (minimum of 5).

3)  Buy 1: Purchase the current edition of Brain Teasers!